Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cursive GCT customers

How exciting to see the same level of creativity on our Cursive Grand Central customers as Cursive ABC!

Left photo: Me & Ro bracelets stacked upon each other along with a black Finnish leather bracelet with sterling silver intertwined.
Right photo: really cool dinosaur pendant from a Californian jewelry designer

I was wearing a Matta dress and immediately recognized the Matta bag Katie was wearing. She asked if I had been to the sample sale and I said YES! Katie's attire felt so comfy and definitely my kind of visual stimulation of textures, subtle colors and cool jewelry! Top at Anthropolgie (also comes in orange), ring by Jamie Joseph, and cotton canvas bag by Matta.

Jennifer was spotted with a hable construction bag, cool screen-printed t-shirt and a Sarah McFadden necklace. I mentioned to her to visit supermaggie's website for cool and funky tees.

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