Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer colors...

Lavender sachets in summer colors bring out the patterns
in our notebooks and notepads.


 A sanskrit proverb

 Misty Lilac is the paint color of Lily's bedroom and as you can see she does love purple!  I especially love her custom converse sneakers with the gray shoelaces!

 You can't beat blue hydrangeas, from the farmer's market, in baskets during the summer!

 Birthday mermaids, anyone?

 A dash of lime/olive green with gray

Utility Canvas's new storefront window on Greenwich Avenue

Summer "water ices": vanilla chip and mint chip


turquoise22 said...

MK, your colorful snaps of Cursive products will have me smiling all day. I would like more info on the Happy Birthday mermaid. Is She a card, a picture, a journal cover?

eardog said...

MK! I LOVE your blog! Beautiful pix and wonderful commentary. Theodore (the service dog) and I haven't seen you in ages...since we moved to the West Village. But I saw your photo and blog link on Jeanine Payer's blog (looking for a new ring for my birthday!) and was so happy to find you!

Theodore is blogging too!

Will stop by and visit soon!

Kimberly and Theo