Friday, November 10, 2006

bird tiles: the whole kit and caboodle...

Our bird tiles were featured on design*sponge yesterday. I thought it would be helpful if I posted photos of bird tiles available. We will be receiving another shipment by the end of the month.

design*sponge article:

Medium tiles: approx 5" square and are $58.00.
Small tiles are approx 4" square are are $53.00.

#1 - medium tile: doily with blue

#2 - medium tile: dark grey w/doily

#3 - medium tile: shiny purple w/doily

#4 medium tile: beige w/doily


collage #1

#5 small tile: light blue wallpaper w/lace + flower

#6 small tile: dark orange with bronze flower

#7 small tile: light pink w/fuschia flower

#8 small tile: peach w/bronze flower


collage #2

#9 small tile: powder blue wallpaper w/lace imprint

#10 small tile: silver bird w/lace & orange dots

#11 small tile: blue/purple lace w/silver bird

#12 small tile: silver bird w/lace & fuschia dots

more to come in next post...


Celine Magro said...

Beautiful!!! How can I purchase these?

Anonymous said...

you can call the shop at 646-602-3806
Thank you for your interest...

Ceramic wall tiles said...

"Small tiles are approx 4" square are are $53.00."

Is that $53.00 for one tile?