Friday, May 09, 2008

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Spring glassware

When we bring in new vases to fill our shelves I know that Spring is just around the corner. Their height and color always brings a new perspective to Cursive. I love how the sunlight streaming in through, the Broadway window, highlights the glass.

We bid adieu to these decanters on Friday...


Here is a peek at the new "raindrop" vases...

and a full shot of them!


John Derian paperweights and trays in a variety of sizes have returned.


A new still life, created by one of Cursive's owners, shows a trio of tall bottle-shape vases and small "tube" top (white stem) small vases from Portland, OR. The "sea turtle" tray, is on its way to Toronto, after being bought Saturday morning for a late wedding present.


A 14K gold plate whale fits in nicely with a pair of gold porcelain pears and an amber-colored fern decanter. A glass soy sauce dropper, on the right, gently disappears in the corner.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

A bird with a wishbone

At the beginning of April, I met a wonderful woman, who was shopping in Cursive. I photographed her sweater because of the black patent leather bird stitched onto the front of it. What really caught my eye, was the wishbone antique pin, placed at the bird's beak to complete the look!

A free spirit.

A Jeanine Payer necklace was worn out on the neck of a woman who bought it for herself as a an early birthday present. The seagull signaled a free spirit and the quote on the back of the pendant says "The spirit is the true self".

This customer reminded me that I had photographed her in leg warmers about a year ago.


I bumped into a customer of ours in Union Square and as we talked
the texture in this necklace, nestled against the knitted scarf, caught my eye.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Bags, tattoos and skateboards...

(On the left): An olive green canvas bag with twisted rope handles, by Comme des Garcons, with white moccasins and (on the right): an Orla Kiely fan carrying the orange stem print tote (I love this style) with matching shoulder bag!

Here's the full-length shot!


I was fascinated by this tattoo placed on the inner part of this guy's arm.
It is an Amish butter print from a pyrex mixing bowl.

This guy was also carrying this great canvas bag that he designed.
I love the hardware and the way it lays flat against the body.


A Tree of Life tattoo, worn by a young woman, who will be moving to NYC soon.


Max has some great style. I love the shoulder strap across his chest matching the direction of the blue stripes of his tie. I especially love the negative strip on the underside of his skateboard.


It really is the little details that catch my eye whether it is in an outfit, how a customer puts together a few Cursive items or in the stitching of a bag.

The stripes of this woman's shirt was a breath of fresh air.
The softness of her camel-color sweater brought coziness.
Her shiny, black ,quilted jacket with stitched butterflies was all about style.


I saw this bag and immediately started gushing. It was just beautiful. I can't say specifically what made me gush so, but for this bag, I think it was the mixture of the black patent leather with the brown leather trim and maybe the woman's outfit too. Everything seem to be pulled together by this bag. YUM!