Friday, June 29, 2007

New merchandise & a few accessories...

Colorful journals in eight styles


A new kind of post-it with a summery pattern


Practice makes perfect...


New shapes in the Jeanine Payer jewelry collection
(upper left): new leather bracelets in a wider size


14K Gold plate over pewter objects (clockwise from upper left): sumo rabbit, king penguin, thorn branches (set of 3) & king penguin's feet


Snapshots of customer's accessories: (clockwise from upper left): metallic bag with leather straps and comfortable summer dress in subtle pattern, unique tatoo, flowers in customer's hair, necklace from local artist.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Summer stock has arrived!

I've returned to New York, after 10 FANTASTIC days in San Francisco, to gorgeous journals, boxed note cards, "stop talking" cards & more graphite objects.

A fresh perspective of "A Little Something" & Happy Birthday gift boxes.

Come by and refresh your stock of "Stop Talking" cards.

Bright, colorful boxed stationery, sticky notes & journals.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Today Show...Camp Care Packages

On Wednesday the 20th of June these great "off-to-camp cards" will be featured on The Today Show in a segment with Elizabeth Mayhew!

Please call the shop at (646) 602-3806 if your interested. We know you will be!

These cards are blank puzzle pieces that can be written or drawn on, then taken apart and mailed in the envelope.

Close up!
These are the designer postcards. There are 10 blank post cards and 4 different colored pencils packaged together. Draw or write away!

All of the cards are $6.00 each.

Happy June!

With Paragon being so close it's taking this long before someone walked in with a hockey stick... It was for the woman's son.

A husband & wife were looking at Jeanine Payer Jewelry this afternoon when I spotted their tatoos. I asked about them and the drawing of the bird (which the husband drew) was in a video game that they used to play when they first started dating... I love the placement of them on both of their arms.

This pin was worn by the wife above. It is made from recycled paper.

This necklace caught my eye because of the simplistic style it portrayed.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

a very green day...

I love how these two pieces of porcelain fruit looked in this customer's hands...


A single porcelain apricot with stem & one leaf


The double apricot

We've received more of these glass bulb and raindrop vases from Oregon


These fabulous retro watches (both in shades of green) adorned two separate customers.


These flowers were bought from Dean & Deluca by the woman on the right wearing a interesting grey shirt dress with a maroon tuxedo stripe running down the sides.

Teacher's gift ideas...

We are in full swing with Teacher's gifts and each days I am amazed by the combination of Cursive product they put together. Here are a few of my favorites:

1. poketo wallet designed by individual artists
2. graphite object with journal or notepad
3. boxed stationery with tube of pencils
4. rollerball pen with journal
5. personalized stationery using the Jean Rouget paper either in duplex or the assorted 40

New merchandise is slowly trickling in so stop by the blog or the store... whichever happens to be in your neighborhood!

Monday, June 11, 2007

it's all about writing...

still life in the etagere


Lovely journals from Natanka Joy. We also have her individual cards!


porcelain apple in matte white & shiny gold - leaves & stems are painted pewter


Saturday, June 9th, snapshots

(From left to right): Love this t-shirt from Patagonia, silver turtle from mexico and two friends, who worked together in D.C., bumped into each other at Cursive's jewelry counter.


(From top to bottom): I bought cupcakes from Cupcake Cafe for a family gathering on Saturday & this is a close-up of one; Late Saturday afternoon, a woman walked in and stood in front of the Sesame Letterpress cards. I immediately noticed the buckle on the sleeve of her jacket, the way the collar stood up, and the style and asked if I could take a photo. After the photo was taken she turned towards me and that's when I took a photo of the collar of her dress. Very retro and comfortable looking!


(From left to right): I love funny monkeys, as I am one in the Chinese Horoscope calendar, so when I spotted these two t-shirts with monkeys on them I had to take a photo. The one on the left is what my cousin Maryann was wearing at the family gathering and the one on the right is M., 7 years old, wearing a t-shirt bought on the street. M. was very nice to share his t-shirt with us. Enjoy!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Accessories snapshots!

A customer wore this amazing looking flower pin along with this fabulous pair of silver sneakers. Her friend was trying on a coil necklace and turned it into this unique knot.

C. from Arizona was wearing a white cotton tunic with a sequin detail on the front and back. She was also wearing these earrings which I photographed atop my Hable Construction journal.

Two of my favorite bag designers: Hable Construction & Orla Kiely. I have a journal in the surf strip green that would match the bag on the left. The shoulder bag on the right is the first style I have seen in leather. I love the seafoam green accent on the bag and strap.