Sunday, July 26, 2009

enclosure cards by Jean Rouget

A woman came by GCT on Friday looking for two boxes of the "String/Cream" duplex enclosure cards by Les Papiers des Jean Rouget. We had them but had not put them out yet. She bought two boxes (was going to use them as table cards for her wedding in August) and this reminded me to print price tags and put them out on the shelves.

E., S., & I. in Cursive GCT while waiting for I's mom. We chatted about school, pierced ears, their pug dog Sylvie (see photo below) and other things...

Sylvie's leash was attached to one of the rolly bags. Her head moved too fast for me to take a photo of her face so here she is from the side.

What a lovely surprise to see Albertine Press's "suitables" card collection in my inventory goody bag on Friday. I love seeing what kind of packaging our vendors come up with to send out their merchandise. The red & white string is a nice touch.

Friday, July 17, 2009

A summer evening of music

One of my favorite shops to pop into when I am walking through Nolita is Erica Tanov. I always want to plop down on a chair with a good book and drink mint-lemonade in her high-ceilinged loft-style store. To celebrate her 10th anniversary, Erica Tanov flew in from California, with children and husband in tow, and hosted a summer concert at her Elizabeth Street store. We were serenaded by husband Steven Emerson, with his voice and guitar and accompanied by a good friend on the trumpet.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cursive GCT customers

How exciting to see the same level of creativity on our Cursive Grand Central customers as Cursive ABC!

Left photo: Me & Ro bracelets stacked upon each other along with a black Finnish leather bracelet with sterling silver intertwined.
Right photo: really cool dinosaur pendant from a Californian jewelry designer

I was wearing a Matta dress and immediately recognized the Matta bag Katie was wearing. She asked if I had been to the sample sale and I said YES! Katie's attire felt so comfy and definitely my kind of visual stimulation of textures, subtle colors and cool jewelry! Top at Anthropolgie (also comes in orange), ring by Jamie Joseph, and cotton canvas bag by Matta.

Jennifer was spotted with a hable construction bag, cool screen-printed t-shirt and a Sarah McFadden necklace. I mentioned to her to visit supermaggie's website for cool and funky tees.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Bowne & Co., Stationers

Something that has been on my to-do list for the past year, was to make a surprise visit to Bowne (rhymes with "Brown" but without the "R") & Co. Stationers (a 19th-century style printing shop) located next to the South Street Seaport museum.

Both Robert Warner, the current manager, and Fela, the lovely & energetic sales associate, were there and it was a treat to chat with them, share knowledge of product and customers alike, and just take a look around. Plan a field trip and have brunch at one of the restaurants, just two blocks north of the Seaport, have a visit with in lovely little shop on the edge of a cobblestone street and then you, if you like, you can hop on the free ferry to IKEA.

The result of this phrase: "Would you like to put your drinks on our wooden stool and then you will have two hands to shop with"?

Fela and Robert

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mandela Day Installation at Grand Central

I love exploring Grand Central Terminal when I am working at Cursive GCT, Wed-Fridays, and have enjoyed seeing some of the various exhibitions or events happening in Vanderbilt Hall. A few days ago I came across these enormous light boxes with bright color graphics that spell out "Lead, Speak, Act, Listen, Learn, Unite". It is the Mandela Day Installation.

"Mandela Day will be held annually on July 18, Nelson Mandela's birthday. This celebration of Mr. Mandela's life will serve as a global call to action for people to reconize their individual power to make an imprint and help change the world around them for the better".

There is a video accompanying the light installation which is quite powerful to watch. I haven't had time to watch the entire video but intend to before they close the exhibit.

Vanderbilt Hall in Grand Central Terminal
July 9-22, 2009
Hours: 7:30am - 7:30pm

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Meshing well...

An Australian woman was wearing some great textures that meshed well together.


A visual director for Chico's bought her olive green leather bag (LOVE!) and Erica Weiner necklaces from the Renegade Craft Fair. I vaguely remember seeing the leather bag booth (YSLES) and definitely saw Erica Weiner Jewelry booth but could not edge in because it was so crowded.


A bit of Philip Crangi mixed with a Jessica Kagman Cushman bracelet and a Bottega Veneta bag with orange (my favorite color) accents at GCT.

What the flock?

New month = new window display at Cursive GCT
AND it has definitely caught the attention of commuters and tourists alike!

The Bauble Nest

Spotted this necklace on Kellie, from Chicago, and had to know more about it. We chatted about beautiful stationery, jewelry, the name "The Bauble Nest" and more... Her necklace was created out of pieces she and her business partner found and put together. I loved how it laid flat against her skin and the texture reminded me of details on flatware or serving bowls. Similar pieces are sold on their blog: the bauble nest.

50-State Quarters program

Yesterday afternoon I had a wonderful chat with 9-year old A. from Australia who was carrying $22 in quarters in a lime green silk pouch with a drawstring. I told her that quarters now have a new design on the back with the State name and their own choice of design that represents their own State. We started laying out her quarters to see how many different states she had in her pouch and came up with 25. Click here to find out more about the 50-State Quarters program.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

July 4th over the Hudson River

Frenchy, one of our sales associates at cursive abc, has an eclectic sense of style and her flower hair accessories are a favorite of mine. I've followed suit with wearing flower pins on some of my outfits.

flower bouquets passing through cursive gct