Sunday, April 29, 2007

Saturday, April 28th

This is a close-up of a parrot tulip petal on a bouquet of them given to me by the owners of Cursive for my birthday yesterday. They were bought at the local Union Square Famer's market and actually had a faint sweet scent to them.


People I have encountered over the past few days:

1. Alice, from Ghetto Gourmet, has a few pieces of Jeanine Payer jewelry

2. M. Juhl-Jorgensen, a Danish jewelry designer, was wearing beautiful chunky gold rings that caught my eye as usual. She bought a few line b/w John Derian plates and one of the titmouse birds.

3. B., a young girl, sat herself next to this fuschia sari-covered pouf with her two American Girl dolls, Elizabeth & Nikki. One of her dolls was wearing a dress, that matched B.'s lavendar dress, both bought at American Girl.

4. I have always admired the sterling silver frog ring worn by Keiselstein-Cord and worn by Nina. It's quite heavy and wraps around her finger just so.

5. Elena stopped in Cursive last week and I immediately spotted this red paisley bag because I carried the exact bag all through Egypt recently. It was the perfect size to carry my camera, journal, a sweater and any trinkets I picked up on our travels that day. Her necklace, designed by a local designer is from Golden Calf in Williamsburg where is she is working just a bit longer before moving onto an internship. Her style was so cute and refreshing I photographed a few of those pieces to share with you. Of course, I totally forgot to take a full view of her outfit...

6. DK bought the last titmouse bird as a birthday gift for her mother. When I saw the woman's name on her credit card I wondered if she might be the daughter of a woman, with the same last name, who bought our horse chestnut and bird feet a few weeks ago... Later that afternoon, a woman - CK, called to order a titmouse. The next morning, CK, called to say that she had just received a birthday gift from her daughter and there lay the titmouse!

7. Mr. Roy came in and bought a pinecone, Herman Yu boxed cards and a few cards by Jezebel. He's bought two paperweights from us at separate times. The last time he was here he couldn't remember how we giftwrapped the 1st paperweight so he watched how we wrapped the 2nd one so that he could go back home and find the 1st paperweight...

8. Kristi Pruett, owner of Finch in Austin, TX, and recently featured on design*sponge, came in and bought a few things from us. It was so much fun to talk shop with her as I had been perusing her website the night before.

9. J. wore these fun green converse sneakers bought in Mexico. The embroidered flowers and 3D fuzzy flowers with the striped lavendar blue sock peeking out is totally my style!

10. Clothing photos: beginning upper left (going clockwise): b/w pattern on customer, fabulous hat designed by theatre costume designer, another b/w outfit - I love the pattern of the short jacket with the shoulder bag; a bright & cheery polk dot raincoat from Boden in the UK.

Monday, April 23, 2007

1. Choosing the Italian glass chandeliers to hang over Cursive once again brings color and light to our little corner.

2. Still Life that a customer had put together: the porcelain pineapple, Titmouse bird (patinaed bronze) and "Love" with Doves stationery.

3. What a way to celebrate the Spring weather with these fabulous converse sneakers! It was the bright blue/turquoise stripe that caught my eye...

4. foil stamped "thank you" enclosure cards

5. Mona and her partner Terry, visiting New York for the weekend from London, spotted wearing Jeanine Payer's "Dale" Necklace while looking at the Jeanine Payer jewelry.

6. Sofia, producer of film and tv shoots, and her mom enjoying the graphite objects.

7. The Edmond necklace, bought and worn out by an interior designer, layers perfectly with her own silver cross necklace.

8. Best friends in town for a girls weekend.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

customer snapshots...

unique bags & I loved the brown and green texture on this coat

Attire for a rainy day: polka dots, bright yellow shoulder bag and a smile... Can't beat red boots to scare away the rain


(top) I loved how this a customer put together a birthday gift for her surfer husband: He had mentioned wanting to get some personalized stationery so his wife picked out his first name initial from our monogrammed stationery, a box of silk-screen surfing cards and a letterpress rabbit birthday card.


(bottom) "Fashion Show" notecards are matched with a cut-out from a Nicole Miller shopping bag that a Cursive customer was carrying, but when the bag broke, I cut a part of the bag and pasted it into my infamous collage/notebook.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

newest product

(top) 6" dia. paper wall clock
(bottom) Come check out these beautiful gold suede with photo transfer patterned guest books and photo albums

Monday, April 02, 2007

Weekend snapshots...

An idea for a Mother's Day gift: sterling silver necklace with citrine stone:
"Returning to the source is serenity".


An out-of-towner acquires pussy willow from the Famer's Market


From the way these three women were talking and laughing with each other, I sensed that they were very good friends. It turns out that Kristin (l) and Crista (r) have been friends since 6th Grade and met Barb (m) in high school. They were on one of their annual girls trips. This is the type of stories I like to hear and record. It seems to make the world smaller.


(l to r): Two women, best friends since Kindergarten, pose with husband of woman in orange after shopping at Cursive. I had to take a photo of them carrying their matching Coach handbags.


The husband, from above photo, wrote with the graphite shell, a response to my "write with me, please!"


"Raindrop" glass vases with a hint of Easter color