Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sullivan Street Bakery

Monday, November 23, 2009

Have you ever seen such large basil leaves? An idea just popped into my head when I posted this photo. Gosh, where should I put this idea? Should I act on it now or later? How much later...? I sometimes wish that I could turn off my brain...

Less is more...

Saturdays seem to be the perfect time for Michael and I to get Cursive ABC in tip top shape especially when we have new merchandise to mix in with our existing product (although Michael asked that we not ticket items during business hours, but he is the boss...).

As you all know, I love watching the store shelves transform under Michael's magic touch. So with an enormous spring cleaning along with ticketing a new collection of Shagreen boxes and frames we gave Cursive an added boost of texture and luxury.


A Jeanine Payer necklace from her 20th Anniversary Collection draped over a Shagreen box with Agate or Jasper and Brass inlay.


Feathers are a spectacular addition to these already beautiful jewelry boxes!


A groovy gift is to match one of the ceramic vases with a shagreen frame.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Bags are a personal accessory and always seem to reflect the wearer. Sometimes we dress ourselves without realizing that we have completely coordinated ourselves with the bag (s) we choose to carry (see top photo). I showed the woman the photograph I took of her and she was astonished to see how much yellow she had culled together.

I loved seeing the texture of the gorgeous brown woven leather bag with strong brass accents of hardware. Just delicious.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Southwest Porch

I stumbled onto Southwest Porch after having my late lunch/early dinner of Sushi behind "The Pond" ice skating rink in Bryant Park. It's located near 40th & 6th Avenue corner of Bryant Park and is an unexpected yet cozy place to meet up with friends for an after-work drink or have a seat and people-watch.

Happy Monday!

I was in the neighborhood and dropped by Cursive Grand Central to check out the new shelving. It looks gorgeous (shown above) and gives the store another layer or depth. I didn't check them out too much as customers were coming in but I know that at least 2 shelves have grooves in the back so we can stand up John Derian trays.

My schedule has changed so I am now at the Cursive ABC location 5 days a week. So come on down and visit with me, Tuesdays - Saturdays.

Monday, November 09, 2009


textured still-life


I love the mixture of metallic on Nadia's jacket versus her bag. So cool!

Nadia definitely added a good accent to her metallic outfit above by wearing these sneakers. Animal print is definitely back!


I love the red berries contrasting against the canvas 2010 calendar.


Shiny versus matte

Monday, November 02, 2009

Gift Ideas 2009

Eggberta & Humpty view from below


Ceramics designed & handmade in Long Island City, NY


Gwen Frostic holiday packs tied with a pretty ribbon


Letterpress coasters that spell out words:
Cheers!!, Thank You, Mix it Up!, Cocktail, and Fun Times


Wood frames either handpainted with either silver or gold leaf burnished into the wood.
All frames are made in Florence, Italy.

Beautiful packaging

These scented soaps by Claus Porto are so beautifully packaged that I've already picked which wrapper I would want to wallpaper my bathroom.

Rosa & Sea Mist

Lime Basil & Vanilla Orchid

Grapefruit Fig & Mimosa

Sea Mist & Tulip

Pear Sandalwood & Lavender