Friday, October 30, 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009

2010 agendas...

Around this time we put out new agendas for next year on the shelves at Cursive which puts me into a quandry as to what I will be carrying around for the next year. For 2009, I bought the 18-month weekly Moleskine with soft black cover that measured 7 1/2" x 10". I love creating collages within my calendar and work journal. This Moleskine calendar definitely fit the bill though I started leaving it at home because along with my work journal, a book to read, wallet, papers etc... my bag became as heavy as a small bowling ball, watermelon...

I am digging this red leather daily agenda. It also comes with a black elastic band and a black cover with a red elastic band. It would mean downsizing, however, I should be used to this size as I carried a personal size filofax for years before technology took over. The elastic band is good to keep all the fly-away cards & papers that I so fondly collect.


Here is the forest "All-in-one" agenda with original illustrations printed on recycled paper. The designer explains that "all-in-one" consists of 12 blank monthly calendars, a to-do-list and lined note pages. This agenda is very lightweight and would be so pretty to look at every day.

My ideal agenda would be to combine both a calendar: monthly + weekly and a daily journal as my personal and work lives tend to merge quickly. Alabama Stitch has a needlework project for a book cover that I could attempt to make my Moleskine calendar more pretty to look at. A challenge is always a good thing.

There are a few more agendas to come so stay tuned...

Show off 2010 with an unexpected wall calendar...

100% cotton canvas calendar with the days, dates and months in black font surrounded by an ornate metallic frame.


A calendar hangs above a grouping of ceramic pots & bowls handmade by a local artist.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

"Christine" Green

This acid-green lacquer box has been nick-named "Christine Green". Jim bought this for his boss, Christine, who loves this particular shade of green. He also found a pack of R. Nichols enclosure cards with the an image of woman riding on a green vespa that fit perfectly in the box.

I forget that, come October, retailers are already thinking about the holiday season and we at Cursive ARE part of that group. So Saturday morning I opened the store at 10am and began pricing and re-merchandising some shelves to make room for boxed holiday cards at grand central! I must admit that seeing these images definitely gives off a holiday spirit.

image from Lonny Magazine

Check out the premiere issue of Lonny Magazine, an online home decorating magazine, which I discovered via an Oh Joy! post!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Meet Humpty and Eggberta!

Another winner of a window designed by Doug and Michael! Come by and check it out at Grand Central Terminal, Lexington Passage!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Cursive gct...

With all the scents flying through Cursive (one customer exclaimed that it smelled of Shalimar), these seem to be the the most potent and familiar (only when you put your nose to it) of the end-of-the year holiday... Red current, Winter Solstice, Joie de Noel and Christmas Sage is on the agenda.

This is a fabulous calendar idea: With each monthly card, there is an envelope so that once the month is up, you can tear off the bottom and use the image as a card to send to a friend.

The colors of these candles reflect the funny early Fall weather we are experiencing...

The "thank you" message bean has sprouted and is growing fast every day! Come see it in all its glory!

Ana, a Jeanine Payer (JP) collector, was trying on the Vert (a piece from JP's 20th anniversary collection and later purchased it) with her newly repaired Pietro (middle piece) and layered with the Edmond (on the right). They looked lovely together.

Here's a visual as to how strong the magnifying glass on wheels.

Real spiderwebs etched onto glass. On the back is a label that says what type of spider made the web, the spider itself and location of web. This is definitely a unique gift.

Ta da...

So here is after photo of the "very large" armoire in it's resting place and I love it! I was expecting something completely outrageous and was pleasantly surprised.

It brought back memories of walking into Apothecaries in Paris and seeing vintage armoires, bureaus and shelving lined with medicine and pills. This armoire completely anchors the store and gives us presence.

We still have a lot to do to bring Cursive up to snuff but the change is nice.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Humpty & Eggberta

Humpty & Eggberta (shown at Cursive gct) are lovingly sewn and made by our friend Helene's mother out in Los Angeles.

Change is coming...

For the past week we have had this enormous 8' foot long amoire sitting on the edge of Cursive. It is an antique and archive (not for sale) piece owned by ABC. It was being used by another leased vendor on the 1st floor and when they didn't need it anymore it was offered to Cursive. It has been painted the same grey as all our other fixtures and was finally moved, away from blocking Matteo, into a temporary place Thursday afternoon. I have not seen it yet but my sales associates have told me I will be in for a very large surprise! Tune in...