Tuesday, September 29, 2009


After a trunk show reception for Sarah McGuire at Erica Tanov, I came across a Ted Muehling exhibit in the windows of the E.R. Butler showrooms on Prince Street.

the last vestiges of summer...

This was going to be my Labor Day montage that slipped through the cracks... maybe because summer passed by so quickly?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Jeanine Payer is celebrating 20 years this Fall and has created a 20th Anniversary Collection. Currently we have some earrings and necklaces in the case now and will be hopefully receiving more of the collection at the end of this week.

Before Michael went out-of-town, he re-designed the jewelry case to show off her collection and I must say it has turned out beautifully! Please come by and check it out!


This is Michael hard at work...

Personal style...

Sarah came into Cursive at abc to show me specifically to her new "trench"-style coat bought in London. The details are what she thought I would be into it and she was right!

necklace bought at MOMA


Oxfords are making a comeback this Fall and these were a perfect introduction. This outfit was worn by an American woman living and teaching in Paris. She had such great verve and style!




A watercolor of colors


Just stylish from the shoulder bag to the shoes...


The details of many of Laura's clothing seem to catch my eye and they are always from the same clothing designer, aimee g.


I was floored when I saw the back of this jacket! I loved the pleating, the bell sleeves and the color was gorgeous! It is an Oscar de La Renta design.

It turns out that the woman above and I have a mutual friend who used to work at Oscar de la Renta and we met at their wedding. Small world.


Kim has a unique style that I like to photograph and some of her clothes are from clothing designers I have not heard about.


The dutzi bag is a new favorite especially with the pig illustration on the side.

Nature oriented

Flying fox bat skull and a necklace of red coral branches w/black spinal lays on top of a glass disc with an etched spider web design taken from an actual spider web. So very cool!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How personal items can reflect our personalities...

What I love to experience is seeing returning customers and their partly-used Cursive items i.e. journals or a box of cards in their shoulder bag. This woman lovingly uses her large a.puur.a journal for her sketches and ideas. It has worn well.

Her shoes, skirt and bag reflected her personality and her journal.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Gift ideas...

A photo of Alissa holding a box of goodies for her boyfriend's mother.

The gift all glammed up!

Alissa was so easy-going and expressed such enthusiasm for everything in Cursive. She had an idea of gathering an assortment of goodies. We suggested choosing one of eiei-o's gift boxes already wrapped in their gift wrap design. With that done it was onto the goody part. 100% cotton loose-weave ribbon in pink, a box of cards from Screech Owl Design, a few individual cards, a blank book, a tube of color pencils, a bookmark and a box of ladybug erasers tied to the outside of the gift box completed the look.


"Fabulous" was spelled out by Doug, one of the owners, three days before our grand opening party. It was sold to an advertising exec at SELF magazine as a gift to the publisher. SELF's tag line/brand is "Fit & Fabulous".

Each plaster letter fit into one of these gold boxes except for the "A" so I used a bit of creativity to fit it while keeping the packaging consistent.

Friday, September 04, 2009

dressing alike...

Me with Catherine and Laura (Cursive sales associates): We were all dressed similarly so of course it was recorded for the books... Little can you tell that Catherine and I are dressed even more alike...

... and here we are in all our glory!