Thursday, November 30, 2006

We've been very busy at Cursive these past few days and I haven't had time to photograph our newest merchandise but here are some photos to tie you over.

These little boxes flew out of our shop when we brought them in the first time so we ordered a whole bunch more for the holidays!

Yesterday, I mentioned to a woman, who was looking at the Jeanine Payer jewelry, how another woman had bought a "colby" bracelet with the inscription "the journey is the reward" and placed it into one of these boxes as a gift to her sister. This woman decided to do the same thing. It makes a wonderful gift!

zig zag vases, handblown in Portland, OR

"bromo" vases, handblown in Portland, OR

view of one of our cabinets

white plaster/resin letters $14.00 each

a freelance art director was wearing this outfit one day when it was a bit chilly outside. she had just bought the legwarmers at urban outfitters and i thought what a perfect way of keeping one's ankles warm...

missy is travelling in style...

the three patterns above are the pockets on three separate totes as seen below one of them:

large tote bag $345.00

side view of tote

large make-up bag $72.00

small make-up bag $58.00

i love the mix/match of color, textures and the leather bag with the green suede shoes that a woman wore one day. The skirt looked like a mixture of knit and felt.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

snapshots of new merchandise

large tote is made by the same artist who did the original art pieces hanging above our shop. In front of the tote (from the left) is a "lunchbox" made from vintage needlepoint that has been laminated and two types of keyrings also needlepoint. close-ups are below.

laminated vintage needlepoint covered journal


small tray measuring approx 10"x 4.75"

full array of bird calls (from left to right): christmas box: partridge and turtle dove, blackbird, green woodpecker, house sparrow, chickadee, song thrush and red shank (known as the sandpiper)

Monday, November 20, 2006

Cursive is ready for the holidays!

The store looks great and its flush with product. Here's a view of the store taken by me holding my digital above my head and making sure my hand was steady as I pressed the shutter.

John Derian plates galore!

We chose new lighting fixtures to be hung over the shop and they really make a difference. They allow the eye to see more of Cursive and not be distracted by large chandeliers. It never fails, whatever we hang over Cursive, we sell.

close-up of glass Christmas trees

diana fayt 2007 calendar

one of four very tall glass vases hand-blown in Brooklyn

still life of lion plate, bird tile, bright green ostrich jewelry box and new decal on wall

bright colored stationery

gift cards printed on heavy card stock

still life below the India ink drawing on tinted paper

we chose this new print on canvas which covers a 2007 diary and journal

and also on the large photo album

a porcelain bird (display only) stands guard alongside two porcelain bookends

view of decal

cursive customers part 2

Sometimes my customers don't want their faces to be shown in a blog so I figured that taking a photo of something they are wearing or that they have designed was a neat way to describe them them in this blog. So here goes...

This wire art is made by Sonny. He created this piece using round-nose pliers while on the bus from Providence, RI to NYC. He said it took him approx an hour or so. I used to make jewerly using round-nose pliers when travelling on planes but now pliers would be considered a weapon.


Misty is owned by Michelle. Michelle, her daughter Juliette and Misty came into ABC yesterday afternoon to say hello. Michelle always says hello to Alicia, a salesperson in ABC's jewelry dept and Donald, a salesperson on the main floor, and then us at Cursive. We know Michelle from when she bought a Jeanine Payer necklace from us.


This bright colored sweater belongs to Chloe who was walking around with a woman. I said hello to her and she peered through an opening between the jewerly and the curiosities cabinet when I captured this photo of her. It is a cute photo of her but the sweater really caught my eye. I love all the colors and the toggle closures.


Other customers don't mind having their photo taken and appearing on this blog such as Clare and her mother Valerie who was visiting from Alabama. Clare is an art director at a trade publication.


a still life of a european style ceramic soap or potpourri cannister from ABC with a white sand "barbell" hourglass and the mini black sand hourglass from Cursive. A woman had just bought the cannister and was wondering if she bought the hourglasses whether the still life in her bathroom would look overdone. Customers Leslie and Marlene (see below), annie, mk (manager of cursive), michael (one of the owners of cursive) and a mother & daughter all chimed in with their two cents. The woman finally did buy the two hourglasses (along with the mother & daughter who bought two hourglasses) and it turned out to be a fun conversation that transpired into lots of laughter too!


a john hardy ring worn by marlene. i worked with john hardy in the early 90's and can spot his work a mile away. it is fun for me to see his collection grow just by the pieces that customers are wearing...


Trying on Jeanine Payer's 18K Harlow necklace with the Viva Necklace.


Marlene and Leslie were at the Jeanine Payer case and we got to talking. This photo was taken right before they left Cursive. Marlene bought the beautiful Viva necklace of Jeanine's.


this embroidery design was about 3.5" tall and surrounded the bottom part of a short herringbone patterned outer jacket worn by a woman from Colorado. The woman had designed the pattern herself and bought it through Icelandic something (sorry, I cannot remember the website)... The front placket was trimmed in fur.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

holiday windows at abc

I like walking by the Broadway windows in the evening as they always look different at night. There are no reflections and they give off an ethereal vibe. I took two photographs because one of them came out more blue which I actually like better because it feels more wintry.

Monday, November 13, 2006

cursive's customers

i meet all sorts of people every day at cursive and on Saturday, annie, one of my sales staff, pointed out that a mother and daughter, standing in cursive looking at cards, were wearing almost matching knapsacks, so I snapped a photo.

From left to right: Bergen (no matching knapsack), Michal (the mom), and Ivy
Bergen and Ivy had the day off due to a teachers conference so this was their first intro to ABC!

shops to visit: rare device

after a busy day at cursive, i jumped on the F train and headed out to park slope, brooklyn to attend the opening reception of Deadly Squire's Haya Makamak at Rare Device. A feast of drumsticks, oysters and sausages all sewn from fabrics designed by Deadly Squire filled the front window of Rare Device. What a sight to see: napkins, placemats, a pie cut into 4 pieces, drumsticks galore, journals, etc...

I know Anna and Tim, of Deadly Squire, from an annual benefit we produce together and met Rena Tom of Rare Device from walking into her store one day, exchanging ideas and since then we get-together whenever we can talk more "shop".

chalkboard announcement

Anna of Deadly Squire looking out from Rare Device

a pie with drumsticks in a variety of patterns

the corn is a favorite of mine

Rena, owner of Rare Device, beating to a different drum