Monday, May 28, 2007

The stationery show ended last week and we found some cool additions for Cursive that will appear throughout the summer. I spent an evening eating delicious sushi with the women from Relish Accessories and Mollie and Andrew from la familia greene. I kept forgetting that I was the only retailer in the midst of all these unique designers... I stand corrected, by my sister, that I too, am an artist/photographer/designer. However I do not promote my work like this group does but have a passion to promote others...

Here is a photo from that evening:

From left to right: Kelly, Lisa, Mollie, me (MK), Jill, Jacinta, Andrew and Joy!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

more snapshots...

Twisty notepads - you can twist these notepads to various squiggly forms - now at Cursive. The stripes come in red/orange, green/yellow and blues. The one on the right is a caricature of Picasso.

Beautiful gold ring, worn by E. and bought a while ago at Borealis. I loved the colors of E.'s blouse and bag. So summery and refreshing!

Metallic covered guest books & a handmade wedding card

Jeanine Payer Jewelry worn by two customers yesterday.

O. was wearing a cat print mini dress in brown. I'm not a huge fan of cat prints but this one, which I've also seen in a blue/green, is quite cute. Her shoulder bag also caught my eye!

Glass galore!

beautiful glass decanters from an artist in Los Angeles

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Snapshots of customers (left to right): a ruffle trimming a coat, Spring colors on a young woman, and a wall hanging boat bought at a flea market.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Customer's wares

1. Eva Franco, a fashion designer based in L.A., came into Cursive yesterday wearing this very cute dress she designed. She also had the fabric made and the embroidery done in India. We met last year when she was in town for the Accessories Circuit on Pier 94 and she bought some gift wrap to decorate her booth.

2. Color, texture, vibrancy, layers, and retro are some of the adjectives that popped into my head as I saw this young woman browsing in Cursive.

3. Left photo: Wren, a new member of the ABC visual team, has a beautiful anatomical heart tatoo on his right inner forearm and I thought how fun it would be to photograph it with our very heavy pewter heart object. Right photo: Black, I think the material may be rubber, flower necklace lays flat on the neck of a customer and worn with a vintage shirtdress with similar pattern of the necklace.

4. Clockwise from upper left: Pink tulips at Madison Square Park on 23rd Street & Broadway; metallic gold suede feather necklace; lilacs from Union Square market; silver pin on Edward's (an ABC 1st floor sales associate) lapel.

5. Photos of customers wearing Jeanine Payer jewelry with their own jewelry. From left to right: the Edmond Necklace (May the sun bring you new energy by day... - an Apache Blessing) layered with two crosses; the Jack bracelet (For what are stars but asterisks to point a human life... - Emily Dickinson) on a brown leather strap worn with a vintage watch; the Leslie ring (A mountain keeps an echo deep inside itself. That's how it holds your voice. - Rumi) worn with a ring from Tiffany's.

Monday, May 07, 2007

New merchandise

1. Bells

2. Close-up of letterpress gift tags packaged specially for Cursive

3. Close-up of iron pinecone-shaped box made in Japan

4. The owls have landed: (l. to r.) enclosure card w/vellum envelope, journal with handblocked owl print from Italy, and owl "congratulations" card.

5. Message Bean plants: Good Luck, Thank You, Happy Birthday, and Peace
This plant grew grew with no sun and I only watered whenever I remembered and look how tall it has grown after a month! A small pod with the words "Good Luck" dropped off the plant after 3 weeks but the plant and the two enormous leaves keep growing!

6. Blank journals covered with whimsy embroidered illustrations

7. New metallic color enclosure cards

8. Letterpress cards with new images

Saturday, May 05, 2007