Wednesday, September 21, 2011


and moving on.
Yesterday while clearing off my inspiration board, in preparation to move my office, I uncovered this note from the wonderful Cynthia Morgan. Cynthia was an amazing part of my life being that she brought us (Motel Deluxe) into Kate's Paperie, you see Cynthia was the buyer extraordinaire for Kate's. Her buying style is exactly how I approach buying for Cursive and it's simple, buy what you like and go deep. Cynthia, once she liked your line (and you for that matter), would bring you in in a big way and support you. I believe it's one of the things that made Kate's so wonderful in those years.
Cynthia sent me this note on one of her favorite designers, R. Nichols, she loved Nick's line and did the same for him as she did for us. I too have a deep appreciation for Nick's work and have him in all of our shops... Cynthia passed on way to young but in a way I can still feel her spirit guiding me. "Go big or go home"

Friday, September 09, 2011

Walk on by....

yesterday while walking through Grand Central I had to double-take as I saw one of our exclusive bags by designer Ted Tyler walk by. I am always so happy to see our
customers loving and using our finds, it really validates all of our hard work for the shops.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Black, White and...

Red all over. An early sneak at fall has arrived at the GCT shop. Beautiful matte black and shiny red with a little bright white thrown in for our new porcelain collection.