Friday, March 20, 2009

"Trail of Crumbs"...

I love reading on my subway commute, to and from Cursive, especially when I don't have to listen to someone's music blasting from their earphones. The background noise of the sway of the subway cars rushing through the tunnels and the swish of the car doors opening and closing become a quiet hum as I turn the pages of my book. I'm so in tune with my commute that I do not need to look to see what station we are at until I hear the familiar sound of the subway cars slowing down slightly, in the tunnel, before my stop.

Currently I am reading "Trail of Crumbs" by Kim Sunee and recommended by her friend when they both stopped in Cursive last year. It is so beautifully written that I have almost missed my subway stop a few times.

Every so often she writes lines of conversation in French which I understand completely and floods me with memories of living in Paris. Her descriptions of shopping in the markets, cooking French food and reading the recipes inserted into her book has me convinced that taking some cooking classes would give me the confidence to move about the kitchen and cook as fluid as she describes herself in her book.

the hoot of an owl...

I am sitting in my livingroom, enjoying a morning now early afternoon off from Cursive, and am listening to an owl hoot close to my windows. The soft hoot of an owl always reminds me of summers in St. James, Long Island where we had a cottage for three months out of the year. I want to stick my head out the window and see where the owl is sitting. Though it could be a person blowing on an owl bird call (we had them two Christmas's ago) but the cadence of the hoot is too natural sounding.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Hello Spring!

Clothes pin clips with a zig zag pattern in yellow or orange, days of the week or fortunes. Use them to keep photos or bills together, clip on a notebook for a reminder or as an accessory for your desk.


"mercy" cards


I love filling John Pomp's lifesaver bowl with large quantities of small things like bunches of "stop talking" and "mercy" cards


"ruler" morph pads

Morph pads with new designs: ruler, grafitti, and hand painted splatter


We brought in (8) styles of graphite objects to keep the alligator and trout company.
Top row, left to right: shell, antler, bamboo, olive branch, twisted leaf and quill
Bottom row, left to right: trout, alligator, pelican, owl, raven and wing


(clockwise from upper left): Bernardo, Pia and Ambroise

A close-up of Ambroise in all his glory...
How cool are these new trays which can be used as artwork or serving trays.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

animals and flowers, Oh my!

Animals and flowers adorn new boxed letterpress cards


Coasters are back!