Thursday, December 28, 2006

Happy New Year!

People, dogs & unusual things that crossed Cursive + MK's path these last few weeks:

1. A fun package from one of our vendors

2. A woman came into Cursive, shopping for her sisters, and came up with this combination. A Lisa Stickley large make-up pouch and one of the bird tiles. She had placed it like this inside the gift box and I loved it so much, out came my camera...

3. Virginia, a 1st floor salesperson at ABC, always wears her wardrobe
in the coolest ways and this one took the cake yesterday!

4. A gentleman was holding all of these things while wandering the
1st floor of ABC. It captured a holiday moment.

5. Silver clogs - very festive

6. "There's no place like home..." - striped stockings with red glitter shoes worn by two best friends since they were 2 (they are now 6...). What a fabulous combination!

7. A lovely shade of pink

8. Emma

9. Jack (in yellow jacket) & his brother Gavin were playing with the birdcalls
and after saying hello to them I realized that I had met them last year at this time
playing with the same birdcalls. I asked them to choose their favorite birdcall
so I could take a photo of them.

10. Karen with her daughter Madeleine (in blue) & her dear friend Tiffany visiting from D.C.


12. Brico

13. Peppers, roses and pine branches were the choice for a festive bouquet

Thursday, December 21, 2006

more bird & horse tiles arrived just in time!

looking for last minute gifts?

A new collection of handmade bird &horse tiles just arrived this evening. There are two new colors in the bird collection:

bronze over bronze

light green blue

horse tile colors top to bottom: purple, deep red, bronze and silver

orbs with enamel lining in lavendar, purple and light green with a pair of words i.e. always forever, want need, love life...

our "flock of starling" bird call is back...

ring in the New Year with these copper bells!

Monday, December 18, 2006

a week's worth of accessories...

A half Polish/half French woman married to an American and living in NYC was carrying this fabulous red bag with a wonderful bird scene which completely captured this year's holiday spirit for me!

In her well-worn canvas bag, that she set down next to our desk, sitting atop polka dot tissue paper, were 2 scrumptious balls of thick yummy yarn and a pair of thin red handles.

a colorful combo of colors

a 9-year old dog named Stinker!

Scene: a gentleman waiting for his wife, sitting on one of the Suzani covered chairs in Mission Market, which is adjacent to Cursive. I spotted his very colorful socks and asked if I could take a photo of his socks which he gladly showed off to me... I told him they looked like Paul Smith colors and he confirmed that he bought them in London at a Paul Smith shop!

a knitted hat in the shape of old Y-subway token!

a creative director's own design creation on a Nike sneaker

Faux Air Jordans on Charlotte!

purple scarf worn by a photographer

Sunday, December 10, 2006

sunday, dec 10th

One of my favorite Jeanine Payer necklaces, the Janet, sold soon after opening with this quote: "the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" - eleanor roosevelt


letterpress holiday cards

birdcall christmas pair: turtle dove and partridge

50 sugar sticks packed in an acrylic box make great stocking stuffers & hostess gifts!

buggy jam

this bamboo bowl, cup & saucer and narrow oval ceramic dish was placed on our counter. It was a small care package for three friends who work at a floral shop called Flowers Unique in Alexandria, VA. Each piece was chosen specific for that person. The colorful yarns thrown in inspired me to take the photo.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

gifts for thought, part 2

a favorite still life photo taken right before I left work this evening.
I like to marry textures together and this fits nicely...


Trays from France - they can be held using the cut-out ends or they can be hung on the wall with the nail provided in the box - comes in 4 different styles: squirrel, deer and bird (shown above) and owl.


decoupage coasters


A woman, with the initials MZ, came into Cursive and me smile when I saw her bag. It was a large fuzzy brown shoulder bag and it fit in with her outfit which was stylish and comfortable: a short black down jacket, a coral scarf with fringe, white pants and cowboy boots!


DB, one of Cursive's repeat customers, came in carrying this beautiful bag that her sister-in-law designs. It's hardware along with the textures of the two-tone fabrics caught my eye.


a full portrait of vases handblown in North Carolina - the blue vase has been sold


melamine plates sold in a set of 4: roadside signs & diner images

vintage needlepoint trays from France

Frederique Morrell's label


close-ups of the needlepoint patterns


small trays measures: 10"L x 5 1/4"W




large trays measure: 17 1/2"L x 13 1/4"H