Thursday, November 29, 2007

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Holidays are approaching...

Ah, the joys of holiday shopping... today.

1. Seeing familiar faces in Cursive who greet me warmly like J.R. this evening. It took me a few seconds to remember who J.R. was until I asked her if she buys vegetables at the Farmer's Market and she said Yes! It all came rushing back to me. She gave me a wonderful recipe for baked apples!


2. Charlotte (in the top photo above) stopped by to pick out some holiday letterpress cards by Sesame Letterpress. It turns out that her stepfather has been corresponding with Brigitte Bardot for many years but they have never ever met.

correction: Charlotte chose a variety of holidays letterpress cards with animal images for her stepfather to select one from and send to Brigitte Bardot as she is an animal activist.


3. Sterling silver cufflinks designed by a local artist


4. I loved seeing how this woman was clutching this bunny stuffed animal as if she was never letting it out of her sight...


5. stocking stuffers!


6. birdcalls: (from closest to camera to back) blackbird, mourning dove,
american robin, song thrush and black-headed gull

Friday, November 23, 2007

Happenings today...

1. Elaine W., my former science teacher, stopped by for our annual greeting!


2. Mr. and Mrs. R, from the Bay area, bought the Taylor Necklace for their daughter who will be graduating from Med School in June 2008. They highly recommended Clinton Street Bakery for delicious french toast and I recommended Dim Sum Go-Go.

and I suggested Dim Sum GoGo for yummy dim sum.


"Coming of age with MaryKendall..." Julie said..." stay tuned...

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Recent arrivals:

1. message beans: dream, peace, good luck, happy birthday,
love, thank you and happy holidays
2. bird tiles
3. bird calls
4. Jeanine Payer jewelry
5. gold plate bird feet, king penguin, bat skulls, thorny branches, titmouse bird


A young woman bought her mother a pair of 14K gold plate bird feet that fits perfectly into the small box above and the set of 3 thorny branches. The long branch above didn't fit into the box however I was able to incorporate it into the bow!


The Liv Ring by Jeanine Payer worn by a customer.


Camels being transported through the 1st floor of ABC

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cursive seeks sales associates...

Cursive is seeking part-time sales associates to work Sundays-Wednesdays including some nights, weekends and all holidays beginning immediately.

- Outgoing personality
- great sense of style
- excellent customer service & phone skills
- polite & professional

Please email me at

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Saturdays at Cursive

There was a holiday buzz in the air on Saturday. Lots of stocking stuffers left Cursive and we introduced many customers to Jeanine Payer jewelry, graphite objects, and all the new holiday merchandise. We were busy from 10:30am - 3pm. Time flew so fast that I didn't have my morning coffee until 4:30pm and no lunch. This is something to look forward to... I must figure out what type of snacks to keep on hand. Any suggestions?

Have I mentioned how much I love Saturdays at Cursive? I love watching what goodies customers walk in with from the Farmer's Market.

(From upper left and going clockwise): cabbage leaves overflowing; glass trees in 4 different sizes; diamond pattern on a bag alongside a bright magenta purple hat with satin yellow band; glass "bulb" vases from Portland, OR.


Snapshots of holiday product at Cursive


Striped stocks and patent converse sneakers... what more could you want?!


A few snapshots of Jeanine Payer's jewelry


On the sleeve of B's winter jacket...

... B gets down in the trenches to see
what holiday treasures we have hidden from her...

Friday, November 09, 2007

chipmunks roasting on an open fire...

I love the holidays. There is a vibe that encompasses our store. It dips into a conversation and then swirls back out only to find a new customer and conversation...

1. I love taking photos of the piles of stuff that customers accumulate as they walk around our store: wish tickets sitting on a vintage frame.

2. a roll of wish tickets in a matching ceramic cup

3. Two of my favorite mother & kids came into the store this afternoon.
First was a mother, daughter & son: There is a photo in our archives of the mother & daughter wearing matching red leather knapsacks. It was great to see them and watch the kids explore all the new stuff we had in Cursive since their last visit. Above is a photo of the daughter "wearing" one of our striped morph pad as a bracelet!

4. an Orla Kiely bag with my favorite stem pattern

5. A customer and I were figuring out together which piece of porcelain fruit looked good on this vintage wood pedestal and glass dome. The gold apple with two leaves won!

6. Stacks of color

7. patterns in browns

8. colors of Fall

Monday, November 05, 2007

Holiday merchandise has arrived!

Hourglasses (approx 48 minutes) in brown/clear and blue/clear in 4 styles


orange dot fabric cover my favorite journal for work


"My funny little words" journal from Italy


Orange sunburst folder


Holiday cards


This outfit reflected Saturday 's perfect Fall weather.


Diana Fayt 2008 wall calendar in stock


I stopped Virginia from moving when I spotted the polka-dots peeking from her sweater and her flannel grey skirt with pencil-thin red stripes.


Plaster letters stacked in a glass box


Orla Kiely "stem" pattern strikes again

A snapshot of marathon Sunday

How many Cursive customers went outside and caught some of the marathon?

I snapped the above photo on my blackberry and sent it to the NYTimes City Room (they were asking anyone to submit photos of the marathon, fans etc...) and it was accepted and posted on their interactive map of the marathon.

It was a beautiful crisp Fall day and the leaves are just starting to turn. I wasn't dressed warm enough but I stuck it out waiting to spot my friend Mia running her first marathon! Mia and I missed each other but I enjoyed watching the all the runners streaming by on 5th Avenue and listening to friends and family spot their loved ones.

Shouts, laughter, waving signs, people running alongside their friends and family, onlookers yelling out encouraging words and the runner's name written on their shirts, clapping and hollering...

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween hangover...

bumblebee stripes on Halloween


another view of the Halloween Geisha...


I loved this still life that Nicole had created, unbeknownst to her,
with her boots against her beautiful patterned scarf bought in India.


winter whites with subtle browns in various textures