Sunday, March 30, 2008

How 'bout dem apples!

Apples from the Farmer's Market

Saturday, March 15, 2008


I'm in love with jewelry that uses techniques such as knitting, crocheting or macrame. This woman used crocheting for her necklace which gives it such dimension and detail.


I mistakenly took this beautifully shaped rock for a wool felt ball due to the layers of texture and color. The woman wearing this necklace found this rock in it's natural form on Martha Vineyard's beaches.


(Left photo): This olive green/gold color print on the scarf is subtle yet refreshing for Spring. (Right photo): A flower pin, just bought at Tinsel Trading, ties in this woman's blue wool coat and red scarf.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Part-time position available

We are looking for an experienced part-time salesperson to work Saturdays at Cursive. Please have strong customer service skills, be outgoing, sophisticated and polite.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Enclosure cards & matching envelopes

Recently, we've been receiving so many phone orders for the assorted blue enclosure cards & envelopes, featured in the Winter 2008 issue of Martha Stewart Weddings, that I am posting the photos again in all their glory (above and below).

(Top Photo) The assorted blues, in the upper right hand corner,
is the featured box in Martha Stewart Weddings.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Community Food & Juice

This is completely off the subject of Cursive but I really wanted to share this. Clinton Street Bakery Co. has opened up, Community Food & Juice, an outpost on the Upper upper west side. This morning, a new friend & customer of Cursive and I enjoyed a calming atmosphere with a very patient waiter and a few orders of deliciously fresh fruit.

I especially enjoyed the bottomless cup of coffee that they continued to fill. Do try it if you are in the neighborhood, I've heard their pancakes and french toast are to die for at both locations...!


A brulee of carmelized grapefruit!


mixed berry scone with jam


fresh fruit

Thundering Thursday...

I can FEEL the start of Spring peeking its way into our weather and our wardrobe. Perfect example is this woman's combination of a Virginia Johnson scarf , Kate Spade bag with a poppy illustration by Hugo Guinness and an Orla Kiely green wallet.


My first conversation was with Keri from L.A. We just hit it off right away. She was looking for a gift for a family friend living in Thailand. The color and texture of her scarf matched her curly hair.


This guy had style! I love the cantaloupe color of his tie with the hint of a baby blue thin stripe which matched his shirt underneath. A camel color corduroy textured vest combined with a weathered leather coat and his shoes completed the look.


I was catching up with Lisa, a buyer, when she turned around to look at some clothing and I the back of her jacket! Wow! I loved how the designer "poufed" the edges. So cool! Her necklace had such a wonderful and organic feel to it.


The woman on the left bought Jeanine Payer's "Willie" necklace with a seagull photo which was a limited edition for Valentine's Day. The quote is "The spirit is the true self" - Cicero. It looked beautiful layered with her other necklace which has her father's ring, a heart and a textured round pendant.

The "Jolene" necklace was worn out of the store by a repeat customer who works across the street from us. She's been admiring Jeanine Payer jewelry since she brought in her sister last Fall. We both decided that the "Jolene" looked the best with her other necklaces that she wears daily.


There's something about woman's outfit that I liked. What first caught my eye was her striped shoelaces with her converse sneakers. Then it was her hat, the style of her coat with her large patent leather bag.


Hair styles can really make an outfit. This woman's bob-style haircut w/bangs, her textured (I use this word alot) coat and heels with a hint of red leggings captured a comfortable style as she sits crouched in front of our bird tiles.


There's me on the right posing with Allison, a stylist with J.Crew. She, and her friend Chloe, were walking by Cursive when I heard her whisper something to her friend. When I asked if they needed any help, Allison, said she recognized my sweater and shirt and thought how fun it would be to show this outfit worn by a "real" person to a designer at J.Crew. We hit it off and so I took this photo and will send it to Allison so that she can show it to her designer friend.