Monday, November 13, 2006

shops to visit: rare device

after a busy day at cursive, i jumped on the F train and headed out to park slope, brooklyn to attend the opening reception of Deadly Squire's Haya Makamak at Rare Device. A feast of drumsticks, oysters and sausages all sewn from fabrics designed by Deadly Squire filled the front window of Rare Device. What a sight to see: napkins, placemats, a pie cut into 4 pieces, drumsticks galore, journals, etc...

I know Anna and Tim, of Deadly Squire, from an annual benefit we produce together and met Rena Tom of Rare Device from walking into her store one day, exchanging ideas and since then we get-together whenever we can talk more "shop".

chalkboard announcement

Anna of Deadly Squire looking out from Rare Device

a pie with drumsticks in a variety of patterns

the corn is a favorite of mine

Rena, owner of Rare Device, beating to a different drum

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