Thursday, November 30, 2006

We've been very busy at Cursive these past few days and I haven't had time to photograph our newest merchandise but here are some photos to tie you over.

These little boxes flew out of our shop when we brought them in the first time so we ordered a whole bunch more for the holidays!

Yesterday, I mentioned to a woman, who was looking at the Jeanine Payer jewelry, how another woman had bought a "colby" bracelet with the inscription "the journey is the reward" and placed it into one of these boxes as a gift to her sister. This woman decided to do the same thing. It makes a wonderful gift!

zig zag vases, handblown in Portland, OR

"bromo" vases, handblown in Portland, OR

view of one of our cabinets

white plaster/resin letters $14.00 each

a freelance art director was wearing this outfit one day when it was a bit chilly outside. she had just bought the legwarmers at urban outfitters and i thought what a perfect way of keeping one's ankles warm...

missy is travelling in style...

the three patterns above are the pockets on three separate totes as seen below one of them:

large tote bag $345.00

side view of tote

large make-up bag $72.00

small make-up bag $58.00

i love the mix/match of color, textures and the leather bag with the green suede shoes that a woman wore one day. The skirt looked like a mixture of knit and felt.

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