Thursday, December 28, 2006

Happy New Year!

People, dogs & unusual things that crossed Cursive + MK's path these last few weeks:

1. A fun package from one of our vendors

2. A woman came into Cursive, shopping for her sisters, and came up with this combination. A Lisa Stickley large make-up pouch and one of the bird tiles. She had placed it like this inside the gift box and I loved it so much, out came my camera...

3. Virginia, a 1st floor salesperson at ABC, always wears her wardrobe
in the coolest ways and this one took the cake yesterday!

4. A gentleman was holding all of these things while wandering the
1st floor of ABC. It captured a holiday moment.

5. Silver clogs - very festive

6. "There's no place like home..." - striped stockings with red glitter shoes worn by two best friends since they were 2 (they are now 6...). What a fabulous combination!

7. A lovely shade of pink

8. Emma

9. Jack (in yellow jacket) & his brother Gavin were playing with the birdcalls
and after saying hello to them I realized that I had met them last year at this time
playing with the same birdcalls. I asked them to choose their favorite birdcall
so I could take a photo of them.

10. Karen with her daughter Madeleine (in blue) & her dear friend Tiffany visiting from D.C.


12. Brico

13. Peppers, roses and pine branches were the choice for a festive bouquet

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