Monday, December 18, 2006

a week's worth of accessories...

A half Polish/half French woman married to an American and living in NYC was carrying this fabulous red bag with a wonderful bird scene which completely captured this year's holiday spirit for me!

In her well-worn canvas bag, that she set down next to our desk, sitting atop polka dot tissue paper, were 2 scrumptious balls of thick yummy yarn and a pair of thin red handles.

a colorful combo of colors

a 9-year old dog named Stinker!

Scene: a gentleman waiting for his wife, sitting on one of the Suzani covered chairs in Mission Market, which is adjacent to Cursive. I spotted his very colorful socks and asked if I could take a photo of his socks which he gladly showed off to me... I told him they looked like Paul Smith colors and he confirmed that he bought them in London at a Paul Smith shop!

a knitted hat in the shape of old Y-subway token!

a creative director's own design creation on a Nike sneaker

Faux Air Jordans on Charlotte!

purple scarf worn by a photographer

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