Sunday, March 18, 2007


Tuesday, March 20th
1. I met Sebastian, a long-haired Jack Russell. His name seemed to fit his personality perfectly and his orange collar was the right color for him. His owner, whom I've seen before in Cursive, wore a pair of teal blue, angular style glasses.

2. A woman thought our porcelain horse chestnuts were actually the smelly fruit Durian which looks like this:

The prickly skin of the Durian is similar to the prickled skin of the horse chestnut but that is where the simlarities end. We had a lively conversation about the smelly Durian. She is passionate about eating the fruit. My one and only experience with Durian fruit was back in Hong Kong while watching Pretty Woman in a movie theatre, that held up to 500 people, and someone proceeded to cut open a Durian and eat it throughout the rest of the film...ugh!


Saturday, March 17th
It started out quiet but got busy after lunch. The snow has since melted off of sidewalks but has created large slush pools at various street corners.

1. Michelle and Misty (her dog) was in yesterday afternoon. Michelle bought one of our pewter whale "paperweight" for her husband and we found the perfect size box for it to be gift-wrapped.

2. A woman, who collects "non-kitschy" things with cats, was deciding between a John Derian 7" square dish with a cat sitting on a cusion or a seaweed tray. As much as she loved the dish with the cat, she opted for the seaweed tray.

3. One of my favorite "kid" customers, Benjamin, came in with his mom and sister (sleeping) and his grandparents visiting from California. I have one of Benjamin's drawing of a train in my work notebook that was drawn with the graphite shell object. Yesterday he drew me a rocket and folded it for me so I could pull it out of my notebook easily.

4. The wallace necklace with peridot was bought as a birthday gift for a woman celebrating her 40th birthday.

5. The bird & horse tiles were popular yesterday and we are expecting the new Spring '07 tiles in 3 weeks or so...

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