Monday, April 23, 2007

1. Choosing the Italian glass chandeliers to hang over Cursive once again brings color and light to our little corner.

2. Still Life that a customer had put together: the porcelain pineapple, Titmouse bird (patinaed bronze) and "Love" with Doves stationery.

3. What a way to celebrate the Spring weather with these fabulous converse sneakers! It was the bright blue/turquoise stripe that caught my eye...

4. foil stamped "thank you" enclosure cards

5. Mona and her partner Terry, visiting New York for the weekend from London, spotted wearing Jeanine Payer's "Dale" Necklace while looking at the Jeanine Payer jewelry.

6. Sofia, producer of film and tv shoots, and her mom enjoying the graphite objects.

7. The Edmond necklace, bought and worn out by an interior designer, layers perfectly with her own silver cross necklace.

8. Best friends in town for a girls weekend.

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Secret Leaves said...

The Still Life (Image #2) is beautiful. I visited your store last February while visiting New York and found it to be lovely. Thanks for sharing these images.