Monday, May 07, 2007

New merchandise

1. Bells

2. Close-up of letterpress gift tags packaged specially for Cursive

3. Close-up of iron pinecone-shaped box made in Japan

4. The owls have landed: (l. to r.) enclosure card w/vellum envelope, journal with handblocked owl print from Italy, and owl "congratulations" card.

5. Message Bean plants: Good Luck, Thank You, Happy Birthday, and Peace
This plant grew grew with no sun and I only watered whenever I remembered and look how tall it has grown after a month! A small pod with the words "Good Luck" dropped off the plant after 3 weeks but the plant and the two enormous leaves keep growing!

6. Blank journals covered with whimsy embroidered illustrations

7. New metallic color enclosure cards

8. Letterpress cards with new images

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