Monday, June 11, 2007

Saturday, June 9th, snapshots

(From left to right): Love this t-shirt from Patagonia, silver turtle from mexico and two friends, who worked together in D.C., bumped into each other at Cursive's jewelry counter.


(From top to bottom): I bought cupcakes from Cupcake Cafe for a family gathering on Saturday & this is a close-up of one; Late Saturday afternoon, a woman walked in and stood in front of the Sesame Letterpress cards. I immediately noticed the buckle on the sleeve of her jacket, the way the collar stood up, and the style and asked if I could take a photo. After the photo was taken she turned towards me and that's when I took a photo of the collar of her dress. Very retro and comfortable looking!


(From left to right): I love funny monkeys, as I am one in the Chinese Horoscope calendar, so when I spotted these two t-shirts with monkeys on them I had to take a photo. The one on the left is what my cousin Maryann was wearing at the family gathering and the one on the right is M., 7 years old, wearing a t-shirt bought on the street. M. was very nice to share his t-shirt with us. Enjoy!

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