Monday, July 02, 2007

Some favorite snapshots from my SF trip

Fresh flowers greeted me at Blue Plate

I put together a dinner with five of Cursive's vendors - all who live in the Bay area. Height order was by accident and I think some of us were wearing heels...


I stayed with a girlfriend and her family and helped them settle into their new home. Every morning, after making coffee, I would walk out to the backyard and photograph this one particular bud too see how it bloomed out of it's protective shell. Her eldest daughter, 3 yrs old, held this flower so I could photograph it. Here are the results:


A delicious chicken salad at Il Fornaio - Just the right amount of chicken, bacon & dressing!


Here I am sitting on a sofa in Kenneth Wingard's (my former employer when I lived in SF) store on Market Street.


My girlfriend treated me to dinner at Slanted Door.
Our favorite dish is Shakin Beef - delicious!

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Anonymous said...

MK--The flower blooming is beautiful, also the plate of food. Yum. Your blog has a wonderful feel to it, it reflects the shop nicely.