Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Sneak peeks

I love creating collages of my personal photos, Cursive snapshots and also discovering them online.
I call them "sneak peeks".
I took a "snapshot" from Liberty of London's home page


Description of above collage beginning from upper left corner:

1. porcelain horse chestnuts; 2. i love the handwriting on this label written by a magazine editor; 3. a pile of sesame letterpress cards; 4. close-up detail of John Hardy bracelet; 5. one of my flower photos hightlight a shagreen frame; 6. detail close-up of a fountain pen owned by a customer; 7. yellow roses bought at the Farmer's Market; 8. silver leaf necklace by Zoe Chicco; 9. still life of Cursive product; 10. Iron bear book ends; 11. white elephant bank & snail box sit quietly on a olive green tray; 12.
the newest tote by Audrey of russell + hazel , can carry an expandable five file folder; 13. dishes by (double checking these today at work - not Cursive product); 14. seed necklace worn by a lovely woman; 15. leather bag designed by a Brazilian woman who makes great jewelry; 16. glass decanters

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