Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Holidays are approaching...

Ah, the joys of holiday shopping... today.

1. Seeing familiar faces in Cursive who greet me warmly like J.R. this evening. It took me a few seconds to remember who J.R. was until I asked her if she buys vegetables at the Farmer's Market and she said Yes! It all came rushing back to me. She gave me a wonderful recipe for baked apples!


2. Charlotte (in the top photo above) stopped by to pick out some holiday letterpress cards by Sesame Letterpress. It turns out that her stepfather has been corresponding with Brigitte Bardot for many years but they have never ever met.

correction: Charlotte chose a variety of holidays letterpress cards with animal images for her stepfather to select one from and send to Brigitte Bardot as she is an animal activist.


3. Sterling silver cufflinks designed by a local artist


4. I loved seeing how this woman was clutching this bunny stuffed animal as if she was never letting it out of her sight...


5. stocking stuffers!


6. birdcalls: (from closest to camera to back) blackbird, mourning dove,
american robin, song thrush and black-headed gull

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futurebird said...

I've boon looking for the mourning dove call for my husband, can you tell me if you still have it in stock and how much it costs?