Sunday, May 04, 2008

Spring glassware

When we bring in new vases to fill our shelves I know that Spring is just around the corner. Their height and color always brings a new perspective to Cursive. I love how the sunlight streaming in through, the Broadway window, highlights the glass.

We bid adieu to these decanters on Friday...


Here is a peek at the new "raindrop" vases...

and a full shot of them!


John Derian paperweights and trays in a variety of sizes have returned.


A new still life, created by one of Cursive's owners, shows a trio of tall bottle-shape vases and small "tube" top (white stem) small vases from Portland, OR. The "sea turtle" tray, is on its way to Toronto, after being bought Saturday morning for a late wedding present.


A 14K gold plate whale fits in nicely with a pair of gold porcelain pears and an amber-colored fern decanter. A glass soy sauce dropper, on the right, gently disappears in the corner.

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