Wednesday, November 12, 2008

learning from a master...

Yesterday Michael was re-merchandising the entire store and he continues this morning. These large glass decanters and skinny bottle vases from Los Angeles and the raindrop, tube top and bulb vases from Portland always gives new life and texture to our paper products and porcelain fruit. We only have so much surface to fit all of our main collection of journals and every day boxed cards. Watching Michael tweak (I love this word) some of my merchandising skills i.e. sandwiching letterpress journals in assorted colors between petrified wood bookends instead of morph pads, allows me into Michael's brain and understand his thinking process.

Sometimes when he is trying to figure out what to add to a particular still life, I will think of a something, but not say anything, and see if he comes up with the same idea. Sometimes he does and I grin and other times I see him bring some thing entirely different which only adds new heights to the still life. Of course, I know when it is a fantastic still life, when I can't stop myself from taking photographs from every angle. Most times it is through one of our glass cabinets so I have to make sure that the glass is super clean.

Ah well, time for me to dash off to Cursive, to see what new still lifes Michael has put together this morning.
Ciao for now!

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