Thursday, December 11, 2008

I truly enjoy talking with kids who wander through Cursive. I love showing them the graphite objects, how to play the bird calls, show them the message beans, etc...

Yesterday I spotted this stuffed animal, because it was almost as big as the young girl carrying it, and I mentioned that in the Chinese Horoscope I am a monkey and that started an entire conversation about Beanie Babies and how my mother and all her friends whose children are monkeys were given Beanie Baby monkeys.


I love green and pink especially when it is on separate accessories!


I always read about how to mix patterns in interior design and fashion. This young girl did just that with the light blue stripe on her scarf and the pale blue of her jacket.

This group of young girls were on their 9th annual trip to NYC with their mothers. One mother/daughter were from Idaho and the 2nd mother with her two daughters were visiting from Maine.

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