Thursday, May 21, 2009

I met Melissa a few years back when she came in wearing a beautiful Jeanine Payer necklace on a leather cord.


The Farmer's Market is in full swing when the weather is gorgeous outside and you spot customers walking around with a loaf of bread and green leafy plants sticking out of small plastic bags.


I love the look of chunky charm jewelry like this one from a designer on the West Coast (name to be emailed by wearer). These charms are reversible.


I noticed Becca's bag which she made using upholstery fabric. I'm a sucker for all types of bags and loved seeing the different colors and textures with the red/white shoulder straps. It was so big and roomy.

Becca loves to write in journals and has bought most of them from Cursive. She uses different styles, tries to keep them small so she can carry them and also finish them. She bought the pink crackle journal with tie, a letterpress paper journal, and a flip-up note pad with trees.

Becca's button bracelets tied in well with her bag.

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helen said...

Hi.First time visitor to your pretty blog.

I am liking thr clothes and shoes in your "Melissa" post on May 21.
Could you ID them?
Thank you.