Sunday, August 09, 2009

It all started on my morning subway commute last Friday... I pulled out Year 7 of the Harry Potter books (weighs about 2lbs) onto my lap and the man next to me asked if that it was a Harry Potter book. I said yes and I was re-reading it because I had finished all my library books. He chuckled...

We had a fantastic day: people were shopping, the air was electric with a buzz I had not felt in a while, repeat customers came in and I had several fun conversations with children who were curious about our bird calls and graphite objects.

My first customer was a woman eyeing the John Derian paperweights. It turns out that she collects them and she was trying to choose one that was not so feminine looking for her husband's sake. She ended up with the green shell paperweight. We continued to chat and I found out that she and her husband own Morty's Pub in Waterloo, Canada. They were in NYC for the weekend without their child and that morning they split up to do their own thing before getting together that evening for a play & dinner. Her husband was heading down to the restaurant supply district on the Bowery while she spent time in ABC and beyond.


After that first transaction the day just buzzed by. It was nice to be busy, chat with people, dashing back and forth, help customers make decisions about gifts to buy and direct them to nearby restaurants for lunch.

I noticed how the stripes on the edge of this customer's skirt matched the stripes on her Sephora shopping bag.


Lesli's customized Jeanine Payer bracelet: 18K gold on scarlett color leather with the "Nothing is worth more than this day" quote.


Roscoe's bag of flowers


A necklace, designed by a New Zealand artist, was bought from an exhibition at a museum in Salem, MA. I have a similar necklace that I bought in Hawaii but have yet to wear it.


The women from Brisbane, Australia: Mom's purple shoe, a bracelet worn by daughter on left from Australian jewelery designer Samantha Wills, and Natasha found a Jeanine Payer piece to wear: "Nothing is impossible to a willing heart".




I see more and more customers having their own handwriting or a family member or friend's handwriting tatooed onto them. This was the customer's own handwriting.


This tatoo is imitate brush strokes which I love

At first glance I thought it was Chinese characters but the more I looked the more I realized it was someone's handwriting. The woman whose shoulder this is tatooed on, found something that had her brother's signature written on it, and had it tatooed onto her shoulder to memoralize him. I find myself looking at it everytime I see it.


Right to left: This is a favorite line from Hamlet: scene 3, act 1, line 66


Hillary, a buyer for a catalog, comes by Cursive & ABC twice a year and I always recognize her face and from her layered necklaces of Jes Maharry, Helen Ficalora and Heather Moore along with a few other charms. Wytie and Pickle are nicknames for her children and 02 & 07 are the years they were born.


Kate said...

Hi MK!

I see that Jeanine Payer is going to unveil an early showing of her newest anniversary line there at your GCT location! I was wondering if you'll be featuring it on your website and/or if you'll do a trunk show online.

I can't wait to see the new collection!

Kate Richey

Faith Aeryn said...

Your photos are fabulous, MK! It was so great to see you! I love your blog and so enjoy taking a break in the work day to read it.