Monday, September 14, 2009

Gift ideas...

A photo of Alissa holding a box of goodies for her boyfriend's mother.

The gift all glammed up!

Alissa was so easy-going and expressed such enthusiasm for everything in Cursive. She had an idea of gathering an assortment of goodies. We suggested choosing one of eiei-o's gift boxes already wrapped in their gift wrap design. With that done it was onto the goody part. 100% cotton loose-weave ribbon in pink, a box of cards from Screech Owl Design, a few individual cards, a blank book, a tube of color pencils, a bookmark and a box of ladybug erasers tied to the outside of the gift box completed the look.


"Fabulous" was spelled out by Doug, one of the owners, three days before our grand opening party. It was sold to an advertising exec at SELF magazine as a gift to the publisher. SELF's tag line/brand is "Fit & Fabulous".

Each plaster letter fit into one of these gold boxes except for the "A" so I used a bit of creativity to fit it while keeping the packaging consistent.

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Alissa Mandaro said...

Hello! I am so excited to be apart of this website as well as a new shopper at CURSIVE! I loved gathering the items for this gift and cant wait for christmas and more holidays to buy more goodies! :)

Love always, Alissa :)