Sunday, October 04, 2009

Cursive gct...

With all the scents flying through Cursive (one customer exclaimed that it smelled of Shalimar), these seem to be the the most potent and familiar (only when you put your nose to it) of the end-of-the year holiday... Red current, Winter Solstice, Joie de Noel and Christmas Sage is on the agenda.

This is a fabulous calendar idea: With each monthly card, there is an envelope so that once the month is up, you can tear off the bottom and use the image as a card to send to a friend.

The colors of these candles reflect the funny early Fall weather we are experiencing...

The "thank you" message bean has sprouted and is growing fast every day! Come see it in all its glory!

Ana, a Jeanine Payer (JP) collector, was trying on the Vert (a piece from JP's 20th anniversary collection and later purchased it) with her newly repaired Pietro (middle piece) and layered with the Edmond (on the right). They looked lovely together.

Here's a visual as to how strong the magnifying glass on wheels.

Real spiderwebs etched onto glass. On the back is a label that says what type of spider made the web, the spider itself and location of web. This is definitely a unique gift.

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