Monday, November 23, 2009

Less is more...

Saturdays seem to be the perfect time for Michael and I to get Cursive ABC in tip top shape especially when we have new merchandise to mix in with our existing product (although Michael asked that we not ticket items during business hours, but he is the boss...).

As you all know, I love watching the store shelves transform under Michael's magic touch. So with an enormous spring cleaning along with ticketing a new collection of Shagreen boxes and frames we gave Cursive an added boost of texture and luxury.


A Jeanine Payer necklace from her 20th Anniversary Collection draped over a Shagreen box with Agate or Jasper and Brass inlay.


Feathers are a spectacular addition to these already beautiful jewelry boxes!


A groovy gift is to match one of the ceramic vases with a shagreen frame.

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Jeanine Payer Studio said...

The store looks fantastic! Great pictures as always...wish I could visit over the holiday. xoxo,jp