Monday, June 14, 2010

Simple things...

In this family, every young woman who comes of age, is presented with this necklace which was found at a fair in northern california.

Bracelets by Jessica Cushman

It it her red/coral satin sandals or her simple top with jeans that made me want to capture this very comfortable uniform?

Bags are my downfall... But the right bag with the right outfit can my day.

Hats are all the rage this summer and I love that women are wearing them with such panache!

It is amazing to me the details that catch my eye. This was the combination of this man's bag, inner lining of his jacket and brown pinstripes on the outside of his jacket.

Have you noticed that watercolor patterns are back in style?

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Judy Fayle said...

Great photos MK. You have a wonderful eye for color and display. What a talent!!