Thursday, March 10, 2011

Last week a woman, Krista, mentioned that anything with bird feet sparks an interest and she had seen the bird feet in passing a few days ago and came back to see them again.  She ended up purchasing two pairs of the gold bird feet: one for her daughter who is an actress and one for herself.

The significance of the bird feet:
1). Krista, along with her daughter, the actress Emma Stone, her husband and son all have a tatoo of bird feet on their inner wrists. 
2). Emma loves the song "Blackbird" by the Beatles.  The bird feet image were drawn by Sir Paul McCartney whom Emma had met.
3).  After being notified that she would be hosting SNL and fulfilling her lifelong dream she contacted Sir Paul McCartney and asked if he would draw her a pair of bird feet.  He sent along a few options and she chose the one show in the photo below.
4).  The bird feet signify new beginnings:  Krista has been 2 years clear of breast cancer and Emma fulfilled a lifelong dream of hosting SNL.  The day after SNL the bird feet, drawn by Sir Paul McCartney, were tatooed on their wrists in NYC.

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