Monday, March 21, 2011

March madness 4th giveaway question...

What steps 
do you take
a greener lifestyle?

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turquoise22 said...

M, What a wonderful question!! My initial response is, "I take moment to moment steps to keep my life 'green'. Color wise, Green is the color of the Heart Chakra so I most of the time I respond with my Heart! That's a 'green' action.
Following Shamanic teachings that "All of Life is an interconnected Web"......i.e. everything affects everything!!!! I take care of my body, mind, emotions, spirit in the following ways: Body: Walks,deep breaths,use green products for home and body care. Mind: Use daily positive affirmations and I change my mind when my thinking gets negative. Emotion: I like to keep my emotions, feelings flowing with meditation, forgiveness of self and others. As the Shamans say,'Keep your rivers cleaned up.'
Spirit: Keeping Joy and Creating everyday keep me 'Green'.....and also affects the the whole web of life.