Saturday, March 05, 2011

the monthly shuffle...

Yesterday afternoon I picked up some John Derian pieces to fill in our stock, at both Cursive locations, and ended up staying and helping out Elena with a last-minute rush of customers and re-merchandising the John Derian cabinet. Of course, the minute you start to move product from one shelf to another then the surrounding shelves must be evaluated and shifted so everything is consistent and fresh.  Our idea of moving just a few things turned into a 2-hour shuffle but it was worth it and may turn into a monthly shuffle!

Our magnolia bakery cupcake treat to keep the momentum

I love seeing the glass bottles of liquid soap glow and it brightens the top shelf 
of the John Derian cabinet.

I'm all about textures and colors so we mixed in some striped glasses 
with the spring colors of gift soaps.

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