Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Staff Picks... beginning with Kristina

Kristina, sales associate at the Cursive - abc home location, chose the following pieces as her favorite picks:

Balancing an organic and rich glaze, Ted's one-of-a-kind ceramics always put me in a state of ocular awe.  Each individual piece has it's own beautiful aura.

Counter-clockwise beginning from the gold photo album:

1) Barbara Wiggins 'gold' photo album: Made of gorgeous leather, Barbara Wiggins mini albums make a great table top accessory.  The crackled gold looks stunning on nearly every surface and it's a great way of showing off your latest photos without committing the old faux pas of pulling out the family album every time company is over.

2). Motel Deluxe pocket journals: I love the new Galapagos Island collection.  The pocket journals are so convenient and cute.  I always keep one on hand to jot down anything from my day's to-do list to a review of the latest meal I've eaten.

3). K Studio pencil pouch: Having a k studio pouch in my bag is a must, it keeps me organized. I love the pencil pouch that has a cat on one side and dog on the other; finally I don't have to choose between my two favorite house pets.  They're the perfect gift for anyone in school or those who feel organization is a must.


turquoise22 said...

Cursive has the IT factor!!! Your genius always shows through, M.
Thanks for your creative spirit.

cursive new york said...

Hi Turquoise22,

Doug identified you to me after I mentioned the number of comments we were receiving on the blog. It is I, MK, manager of Cursive, who writes and photographs everything shown on this blog. I'm so glad we have such an enthusiastic fan like yourself!

warmest regards,