Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fans of Jeanine Payer...

 Amatrice: Live for friendship, live for love - Emerson
Worn out by Marjolein of The Netherlands.


Last Saturday evening, just before ABC Home closed, I was showing a woman named Holly and her boyfriend a few of Jeanine Payer's rings.  Holly had been eyeing the rings for some time and after much back and forth, her final choice was the Alden ring which was bought for her 30th birthday by her boyfriend. 
Quote: The strongest and sweetest songs yet remain to be sung. - Walt Whitman


 Nikki, who customized a Jeanine Payer bracelet (shown at bottom of stack), bought the Rennes bracelet (In every color and circumstance, may the eyes be open for what comes. - Ghalib) which now joins a Me & Ro bracelet on her wrist.


turquoise22 said...

MK - Your photography is special showing the jewelry! May you show and sell more.
I am sure thinking of the Amagansett crew this week-end!!!

Jeanine Payer Studio said...

love, love, love!!! Our JP fans are wonderful and so are you guys at Cursive :)