Thursday, November 10, 2011

A whale of a story...

yesterday at the shop in Grand Central a lovely woman purchased this bedside decanter for her husband, its their anniversary. Then she told us this wonderful story of why. You see they were engaged at the Natural History Museum in NYC under the great Whale... When she was a young girl her father asked her when she thought she would get married and she said NEVER, then he asked her when she might have kids and she said NEVER. When he explained that someday she would fall in love and get married she was aghast. Then he asked her what someone would have to do in order to marry her... she thought long and hard and then said they would have to propose under the whale in the Natural History Museum, thinking that since they lived in New Jersey that she would never be able to get to NYC and thus it could never happen! Well it did and that's exactly where her future husband proposed!
This story reaffirmed my love of being a shop keeper. Being able to share in wonderful memories and helping to advance more happy times is the best part of my job!

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