Sunday, November 12, 2006


Michael, one of Cursive's owners, came in and re-merchandised the shop for the weekend however it will all change again this week as ABC is re-doing their Broadway windows which just happens to be behind our wall. It is a huge production because our back wall was built so that we could remove parts of it to allow ABC visual staff to move large pieces of furniture in and out of the windows... Sorta looks like this when the wall is removed:


I did take some photos of some of the new 18K Jeanine Payer jewelry that arrived Friday:

Mason 18K with an apache blessing

Dava 18K

Natalya 18K w/diamond

bottom to top:
"tristan" bracelet, silver on sienna velvet band
"Jack" bracelet, 18K, on a merlot velvet band
"Peter" bracelet, silver, on grass green and steele blue velvet bands

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