Sunday, November 12, 2006

Saturday's inspiration

Today is my day off so I am able to catch up on blogging. My Saturday at Cursive began with seeing the new flower display, the night before at one of my favorite flower shops, Utowa.


Saturday morning, Nov 11th: This is what I saw when I rounded the corner of 19th & Broadway Saturday morning at 9:45am. A crane was being put together and they had closed off 19th street for the morning...

I caught one more photo taken from ABC's windows looking out onto 19th Street:


Saturday morning started out quiet which allowed me to do the usual routine of dusting, cleaning and neatening all the shelves. I meet the most interesting people working at Cursive and I document many of my interactions by photographing something that has caught my eye on them which then leads to a conversation of sorts...

Yesterday began with me spotting a striped boiled wool bag with faux bamboo handles and lettuce in a plastic bag sticking out of the top:

To make this very long story short, it turns out the woman carrying the bag had knitted, washed (i.e. the boiled wool look) and made it into a bag so we talked about making bags for a bit. We got to talking more when she had picked up a box of letterpress cards with antlers on the front and we got to talking: her name is Dagan, is a park ranger in Yellowstone National Park, grew up in the upper east side of manhattan and her mother, Nomi Klein, created human size fiberglass chess pieces.

Dagan was a pastry chef and graduated from the French Culinary Institute in New York and also chainsaws for a living. We are both Taurus (that was discovered when eb checked her id) and our birthdays are 2 days apart...!!! How weird is that.



After my meeting with her I met a woman from Connecticut, Ms. P., who had bought the 2006 Herman Yu calendar last year by phone and came into our shop to buy the 2007 Herman Yu calendar. It is really nice to meet customers who I only have spoken to by phone. We spoke about living in Hong Kong and China. I was there from '90-'92 and she was there from '95-'01.

2007 Herman Yu Calendar


The sun came streaming through the Broadway window again and created such a spectacular sight on Cursive's merchandise that I had to take photos:

bedside decanters from Prague

porcelain pears hand casted from nature

close-up of boxed christmas cards

still life of candlesticks & hand blown glass vases by a Brooklyn artist

resin & plaster letters

looking backwards at jeanine payer necklaces


The end of the day ended with R. (an art book editor), stopping by with a friend, L., who was introduced to me as a birder in New York. She was carrying a fabulous boiled wool bag given to her by Geoffrey Beene and wearing a very cool bracelet that she made.

side view of bag with a tape measure peeking out the top

top view of bag

bracelet made by L.

R's socks: one orange and one red...

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