Wednesday, October 10, 2007

20 years of Jeanine Payer

Come celebrate 20 years of design by Jeanine Payer. We have a selection of archived pieces that explore the design style of Jeanine's work over the years.


d.Sharp said...

Congrats to Jeanine. I love her work.

Susan in Portsmouth, NH said...

Hi - I was in the store 2 weeks ago and saw a ring in the Jeanine Payer case that is haunting me. I can't find it on any of the JP websites - even Jeanine Payer's own! Hoping you can help me, with a name or a photo and a price. The ring looked liked 2 stacked silver bands, but was actually one piece. The top band had an inscription (couldn't read it) and the bottom band looked oxidized and had a design on it that looked like a branch of dainty, round berries.


Susan -