Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cursive customers...

1. Louisville, KY - mother & daughter librarians - the mother bought a Lars bracelet "I dwell in possibilities" - Emily Dickinson for her other daughter who runs a bookstore.

2. Asian woman from Melbourne, bought the graphite olive branch and shell mini frame
as a thank you gift, has been travelling for 5 weeks in the US and is experiencing NYC for first time.

3. A gentleman was eyeing the flying fox bat skulls and he looked very familiar to me. It turns out he is an interior decorator and owner of his own shop, Thomas Boog, located in the 7th arr. in Paris.

He had shopped with Cursive last year and I remember reading an article about his shop a while back. When I was living in Paris (2002-2003) I attended an event in the passage Jouffroy, 9th arr. I stumbled upon a shop, which I think was Thomas Boog's, but was closed that day. The window display had an enormous large opened clam shell with wavy edges filled with objects of various textures, which caught my eye. The image of that shell has stayed with me all this time.

I love collecting shells but on a much smaller scale. The textures and colors always catch my eye and I can never leave a beach without bringing home a small handful of its treasures.

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