Friday, November 09, 2007

chipmunks roasting on an open fire...

I love the holidays. There is a vibe that encompasses our store. It dips into a conversation and then swirls back out only to find a new customer and conversation...

1. I love taking photos of the piles of stuff that customers accumulate as they walk around our store: wish tickets sitting on a vintage frame.

2. a roll of wish tickets in a matching ceramic cup

3. Two of my favorite mother & kids came into the store this afternoon.
First was a mother, daughter & son: There is a photo in our archives of the mother & daughter wearing matching red leather knapsacks. It was great to see them and watch the kids explore all the new stuff we had in Cursive since their last visit. Above is a photo of the daughter "wearing" one of our striped morph pad as a bracelet!

4. an Orla Kiely bag with my favorite stem pattern

5. A customer and I were figuring out together which piece of porcelain fruit looked good on this vintage wood pedestal and glass dome. The gold apple with two leaves won!

6. Stacks of color

7. patterns in browns

8. colors of Fall


Jane said...

can you give me pricing on the wish tickets (and the lovely ceramic cup)? thanks!

Cursive said...

Hi Jane,

The wish tickets are $10.00 and I think the ceramic cup (which is ABC merchandise) is $20.00.

LobotoME said...

do you still have wish tickets available and if so do you sell online?


Cursive said...

Yes, we received an large order of wish tickets in both blue and in pink.

Unfortunately our retail website is not active, however, please call us at 646-602-3806 between 10am - 8pm and we can take an order over the phone.