Thursday, April 24, 2008

Observations and repeat customers...

It seems to be that time of year when we see repeat customers shopping in Cursive once again. It all began this morning:

1. A German woman, who has her own special events company, and lives both in Hamburg and the Netherlands, bought one of the large Apuura photo albums with a Central Park map and the surrounding streets hand-stitched to the cover as a gift. She will put photos of her trip to NYC in the album and give it to her boyfriend.

2. Two women dressed so colorful and creative, (sorry, no photos this time, as my mother took back her digital camera for her sisters trip), were from Holland and they bought up a variety of paper and journals for inspiration. I recognized them from the very cool "folding shopping bags on wheels" to carry all their purchases. Similar to this one:

3. A woman from Connecticut bought the Jeanine Payer Francesca bracelet with Aquamarine, "The spirit is the true self" - Cicero. She mentioned purchasing a bracelet last year with her husband to celebrate their wedding anniversary. I remembered her first and last name and that she was thinking of having the bracelet shortened if it was too big and this was a year ago since I had seen her! It's amazing to re-live an interaction with a customer.


4. We had an Orla Kiely moment when two of her bags on the shoulders of two customers looking in opposite directions passed each other. It would have been a great photo... if only I had my camera...

5. Thank goodness we have some air-conditioning inside. Today it was 73 degrees at least in our corner. Quite refreshing after having some very hot days on the 1st floor last week.

6. Tribeca Film Festival is showing some movies at the Loews movie theater next door so 19th street (between Broadway & Park Avenue South) is cleared of any parked cars for the next few weeks and white tents and police barricades have been placed outside to curb crowds... Someone said that Scarlett Johansson was shopping on the 3rd floor this afternoon.

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