Monday, April 28, 2008

quirkiness and "not normal"...

I was just reading a post on Three Potato Four on how there are some "not normal" vocabulary & phrases that their daughter has learned from them... It occurred to me that we all have a way of "not normal"-ness...

Mine is a combination of complete quirkiness with a unique way of using words that sound grammatically correct but are in fact the MK way of speaking... You will have to stop in Cursive to catch it!

The quirkiness comes into play, especially at Cursive, when something FAB-U-Lissss catches my eye:

1st off - I gush
2ndly - I say "WAIT, I have to get my camera and photograph this..."
3rdly - I tell the person (s) that this will be going up on Cursive's blog, their bag, jacket, jewelry etc... will be having their 15 seconds of fame and then give them our business card... to check out the post in a few days... I must say I've met some wonderful people this way.

However the past few days I have been camera-less so without images...

1. A woman with layered blond-hair wearing a dark navy velvet jacket buttoned with brown leather buttons, that I knew immediately was the J.Crew jacket I had been coveting but completely missed buying. The woman confirmed that it was by J.Crew and that it was the most comfortable jacket to wear and perfect for this Spring-like weather. Hanging from her right shoulder, was a very large dark teal tote in patent leather. She just moved back to Santa Monica and was commenting on how she had not been able to find stores like Cursive in the Los Angeles area, let alone, in Santa Monica. I emailed her the name of Sugar Paper that I discovered in Lucky Magazine's "shopping trip" feature on L.A. stores.

2. A new Orla Keily bag was hanging off a wrist of a young woman. Cute and spring-like pattern matched the Saturday ambiance we were experiencing.

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